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About Us

    ZL diamond technology Co., ltd. was founded in July, 2002, located in a beautiful seaport Xiamen city, Fujian province, which is not only an important airport and seaport, but also most important area for stone processing and export  area around Xiamen.


    Our company is a private-own high-tech enterprise, has the authority of import and export. Our products mainly include diamond polishing pads, cutting blades, drills, etc, mainly used for stone processing, some can be used for cutting, grinding and polishing of ceramics, glass and concrete.

We always stand by our product!

Diamond Cutting Tools
        Diamond cutting tools mainly include all kinds of diamond segment, diamond circular saw blade, general small diamond saw blade and diamond wire saw, etc. ...
Diamond Grinding Tools
        Diamond grinding tools mainly include all kinds of metal/resin grinding block slow wheel, diamond, diamond bowl of dry grinding, grinding, diamond floor r...
Diamond Profiling Tools
        Diamond shaped machining tools mainly include all kinds of diamond drill bit, diamond cutter, diamond portable gongs, CNC gong, drum, etc. Series of products...
Electroplated Diamond Tools
        Electroplated diamond tools mainly include all kinds of saw blades, electroplating electroplating bit punch, electroplating, plating mill milling cutter, ele...
Brazing Diamond Tools
        Brazing diamond tools mainly include all kinds of brazing bit, brazing saw blade, brazing of the wheel and the hand-held gong gong, CNC brazing gong, braz...
Stone Machine Tools
        Stone machine tools mainly include all kinds of electric water mill, grinder, polishing machine, edge grinding, chamfering machine and pneumatic grinder, ...

ZL Diamond Technology CO.,LDT

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